Books in the Living Gods Universe

As an introvert and homebody, I wanted to write a story about someone who fundamentally is shy and retiring but is thrust into a situation where she must step outside of her comfort zone to be heroic.  Gwen McAdams is a psychic who suffered a horrible vampire attack five years ago.  She lives with her best friend Sean, a police officer who lost even more in the vampire attack than Gwen.  This tragedy has forged a strong friendship between the two of them.
After the attack, Gwen started receiving powerful visions of people in peril – if she does not warn those in her visions of their demise, she then experiences their death as if it was her own.  In Hands Full of Shadow she meets a supernatural bounty hunter, Jack Bailey, when she has to warn him about his upcoming death.  Jack becomes more involved with Gwen when it becomes clear that the vampires are hunting her and psychics like her.
Helping them in their fight against the vampires hunting them is Gwen’s god, Anubis.  This is the first in Harbingers of Anubis series following Gwen and her friends in their battle against evil.
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Jo Murphy has been on the run from werewolves for years, but she decides to stop running and make her stand in St. Louis.  Werewolf Booker hunted Jo for a few months, and in that time she has eluded him in a way no other prey has before.  When zombies attack them both, they agree to work together to find out what is going on.
The witch and the werewolf join forces to discover who or what is trying to kill her in the first book in the Daughters of the Underworld series, Hel’s Belles.
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Jennifer J. Bull loves urban fantasy and as a pagan wanted to write about the relationship many witches have with their gods and goddesses.  To that end she created the Living Gods Universe where Jo Murphy and Gwen McAdams live.  Showing both the extrovert witch in Jo and the introvert witch in Gwen has been a lot of fun.
The sequels to both books are in the works currently with a release of mid 2018 for them both.  Both books are available from Amazon for kindle as well as in paperback.
Jennifer J. Bull also has a blog full of reviews, opinions, and news about upcoming books.  Feel free to follow her at 
Or on Twitter @jaybullreads
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Just in case the links embedded in the story titles don’t work, those links are:
Hel’s Belles:
Hands Full of Shadow

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