Hands Full of Shadow

Gwen McAdams has been a recluse ever since the horrific vampire attack that killed her husband and her unborn child, only leaving the protection of her home when she absolutely has to. With the psychic visions that her god Anubis keeps sending her, and the dire consequences any time she fails to prevent the monstrous murders in these visions, Gwen finds herself leaving her home increasingly often. On one such trip, she encounters Jack Bailey, an intense man who hunts vampires for bounty, and her life begins to change. Together they uncover a secret plot by the vampires, a plot that ultimately threatens the future of humanity.




Hel’s Belles – Jo Murphy has been on the run for as long as she can remember. A nomad witch traveling from town to town, Jo finally decides that she needs to quit running away. Putting down roots in St. Louis, Jo opens an Occult Shop where she is almost immediately found by werewolf Booker. Years ago, all of the Fenris werewolves disappeared, and Jo Murphy is at the center of their disappearance. The supernatural council of beings hired Booker and his wolves to find her and discover what she had done to the Fenris. Booker has found Jo once before, but somehow she disappeared. While Booker the werewolf investigates Jo the witch, another power is sending zombies after them. They decide to make a temporary alliance to figure out who has brought zombies to St. Louis.