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Box Jumps Are Scary

I think our trainer has discovered that I am crazy.  We were setting up for today’s WoD and I had two 8″ box jump stacked on top of each other (they were designed to be stackable) and they seemed too tall and scary.  What I have been doing is a 12″ box jump with a 45 pound plate on top of it.  I decided to go back to that, when our trainer informed me that they were the same height.  Both are 16″.

Me: Really?

Scott the Trainer: Yes, really.

Me, from the top of the boxes: But if feels like it is much higher.

Scott the Trainer:  It isn’t.

I am sure I looked dubiously at him and he looked at me with that look men have where they think you are being crazy but they are trying to be patient and feed you facts so you will realize you are being crazy, too.  Will gives me this look a lot so I am familiar with it.

He offered to let me go back to doing 12″ box jumps, but I hate to move backward.  Box jumps have always freaked me out, so I figure this is a mental hurdle and I would push through.

Therefore, I did the WoD with the 16″ box jump.  The first round was the most difficult.  I pretty much had to psych myself into jumping each of the 9 times that first round.  Our trainer knew it, too.  He reminded me that when I started I was only doing a 4″ box jump.  How cool is that?  I’ve gone from jumping on a 45 pound plate on the floor to actually jumping up on boxes.  For some reason, this little piece of progress information really helped me with the rest of my jumps.

This was the first WoD I’ve done where I jumped all of the box jumps without doing any step ups.  I also did all of the burpees with a full push-up instead of a scaled one.  Normally, I get about halfway through them and have to start scaling them because my arms don’t want to work any more.  Granted, there were only 3 reps per round, but there were 7 rounds.

Anyway, I am really happy with all of the progress.  Hooray for overcoming my mental box jump blocks!

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