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And We’re Running… Eventually

The heat wave last summer really killed any desire to continue running for me, so it fell by the wayside.  I went from improving to really not doing well on the running front.  We missed days over Christmas from Crossfit, then Will and I got sick, so we are not back to where we were and the running has just gradually declined in general since I stopped doing it.

New task from our trainer, Scott, this morning is to run every day.  Now, he is being kind and having us start off running a quarter of a mile until we can do so without stopping to walk, something that I cannot do at this point in time.  Around the block is .29 miles, so it pretty much perfect.  Once we get around the block without stopping to walk, we up the distance until we can run a mile without stopping.  Scott’s goal is to have us running a 10 minute (or under) mile.  It would be a personal milestone for me as in the history of my life I have never run a mile – let alone run a mile in 10 minutes or less.

Scott is also going to torture us with running as a warm-up every Crossfit day.  We were doing that for a while, but then it got cold outside.  However, due to our supreme suckage (and to be fair, mainly MY supreme suckage, Will is actually pretty good at running and quite a lot better at it than I am) we will be doing running inside if inclement, or outside if clement.  I am not going to whine about this – at least not too much.  I make no promises about WoD’s that have a lot of running – I may whine a smidge, but mostly in my head.  Hopefully, just in my head.

Will balked at the whole running every day thing, especially when I clarified that Scott meant in addition to Crossfit on days we have Crossfit.  Will cited not having enough time.  Back when we were running around the block we would go around it three times and it was less than 15 minutes, so considering how much time we spend on our computers, or watching television, I figured once around the block would not really cut into our schedule too much.  Therefore, I argued with Will about it, and convinced him that he did, indeed, have the time to do this.  Even when we get up to needing to run the full mile, hopefully it will be less than 15 minutes.

There is a really great article I read at NerdFitness about not having enough time to exercise.  Basically, it breaks down why the excuse “I don’t have time” is crappy and says that a better sentence would be “It is not a priority for me.”  I really took that particular post to heart and started paying attention to how I spend my time.  How much time am I on Facebook?  How much time is spent reading?  How much time is spent watching programs on Roku?  How much time am I prioritizing sedentary activities over activities that actually get me moving?  A great deal of time.  Therefore, it is enough time to do 100 push-ups a day and run everyday, especially when Scott deems it necessary.

Will knocked his running out of the way early on in the day, pretty much right after Crossfit.

I did not.  I procrastinated.  A lot.

I have a writing project due for one of the places I freelance.  My due date is this Friday, but I am hoping to finish it tomorrow.  Now, writing is about 70% procrastination and 20% research and 10% actual writing for me.  When I have a project due, I clean my house instead of writing.  I do laundry instead of writing.  I have actually painted a whole room rather than write.  I will dust, and I am not some one who notices dust too often as most of the surfaces in my house are well above eye level for me.  It is not legal to hang out with friends as procrastination, because that is not progress and cannot be defined, even loosely, as “work”.  Watching television or reading for pleasure also cannot be defined as “work” therefore they are also no-no’s when it comes to the art of procrastination.  Procrastinating writing must fall under the header of “work” in some fashion.  There are rules to procrastination.  When procrastinating writing work the procrastination has to be something productive, otherwise it cannot be rationalized as a good use of time.

An interesting thing happened today, though.  Instead of procrastinating transcribing my interviews, I procrastinated running by writing instead.  Apparently, I have a Hierarchy of Dread.  The tedious task of transcribing is usually the thing I have to force myself to do, but today it came rather easily as my other option was running.  A quarter of a mile.  Around the block.  I spent roughly 3 hours transcribing ALL of the interviews for my current project, something I normally break up into days, simply so I could put off the time when I would have to run.

Will balks initially, but I am really the problem child.  I have a thousand ways to talk myself out of doing things I suck at.  Even though I know that if I do them, at some point I won’t suck at them.

Eventually, I had to run.  It was either run or admit to Scott and Will that I am the weak link in the chain here, and really, that’s never going to happen.  Also, the Spartan Sprint is in April.  It isn’t the Spartan Mosey.  It isn’t the Spartan Lollygag.  It isn’t the Spartan Saunter.  It is the Spartan Sprint, which says to me there is a certain amount of running that must be accomplished.  Since my anxiety about the Spartan Sprint is larger than my Dread of Running, I put on my shoes and ran around the block.  And I actually did quite a lot better than I thought I would.  I made it farther without stopping than I thought I would.  Not the whole way, but I ran the majority of it, with a walking break to breathe.

It took 4 minutes and 39 seconds.

See what I mean about having the time?  It takes me 8 minutes and 30 seconds to microwave some broccoli for dinner.  I could pop a bag in the microwave for dinner, run around the block and still have time for some pushups.

It is just a matter of doing it.

I also have to state for the record that running in 20 degree weather is way easier than running when it is 100 degrees outside.  Way, WAY easier.  When it is cold outside, you don’t feel like you are running through soup, which I think is a plus.

My main point in all of this is that I think Will is going to have no problem running everyday.  I may bitch and moan about it, though.  And procrastinate.  I foresee meeting writing  deadlines early and having a clean house by the time I get to a 10 minute mile… But it doesn’t matter if I procrastinate until it is almost dark, it only matters that I do it.  Every day.

One thought on “And We’re Running… Eventually

  1. Part of why running in the cold is easier is that you REALLY want to get back inside out of the cold. 20 degree temperatures are a natural “hurry-up” temperature.


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